About Precision Ballistics

Born from an enthusiasm for airguns we want to introduce new products that are designed, built and made in the UK specifically for the UK market.

Our core aim is to offer a range of quality hand made slugs and pellets and increase the available options for the UK Airgun community. The recent introduction of the first commercially available slug that is of comparable weight to its pellet counterparts, the 10.5 grain Mako, is one such item.


We are also conducting ongoing research and development into new products and once we have achieved our design scopes we will be announcing them to the UK Airgun community in due course.

It's also only fair to also make mention of my two primary product test team members, Rob & Anthony, whose input, support and enthusiasm has not only been invaluable but a constant motivation to improve, refine, develop and continue, thanks Gentlemen!!

I would also like to thank Miles Morris for not only the modelling data provided but for also sharing his insight, knowledge and understanding via his many articles, posts and also directly. It has been a valuable education.