Ballistic Co-efficient (BC)

In ballistics the BC of a body is a measure of it's ability to overcome air resistance in flight.


The tail of the slug or pellet. Common types of bases are

Flat - A horizontal base section

Dish - A concave dish

Cup - Has a more pronounced stepped inlet in the base

Hollow - An eliptical indent


The tip or front of the slug or pellet. Common types of noses are

1/2e - a 1/2 calibre elliptically curved nose (nose is shorter than 3/4e)

3/4e - a 3/4 calibre elliptically curved nose (nose is longer than 1/2e).

Keith - truncated semi-wadcutter style nose (named after the late Elmer Keith)

Conical - a pointed conical nose

Target Wadcutter - a flat nose that is grooved 

Pellet (Airgun)

Predominantly a diabolo shaped design that is aerodynamically poor and relies on drag stabilisation to maintain accuracy.


In ballistics is a pointed curved surface used to form the streamlined nose of the projectile.

Slug (Airgun)

A solid cylindro-conoidally shape design that has greater contact area with the barrel bore.


Is when a piece of metal is transformed into a desired shape through pressure or hammering