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Precision Ballistics is very pleased to announce that we are now in the position to reintroduce and supply Vortek Products to UK Airgunners. Vortek Kits & Seals in our opinion, are undoubtedly the premier solution currently available. We look forward to supplying these ongoing.


We will shortly be receiving our initial shipment of Vortek kits and their tried and trusted class leading seals and you will soon be able to purchase them directly from our website


As we anticipate there will be quite a demand for some of these items, we have taken opportunity to also set up an advance order page, this will allow you to place an advance order that we will include as a priority in our next stock order. Alternatively you can email us and we can notify you when the item(s) you are interested in are back in stock. Both pages with pricing will go live simultaneously on receipt of initial stock.


We have access to the full range of Vortek Products; should you know or see something that is not listed on our website please contact us and we can enquire on your behalf. Some items will be available as Special Orders only and will be listed as such on the website.


We are also extremely pleased to inform you that Precision Ballistics have been able to partner with an experienced gunsmith who will be able to tune and optimise your guns with Vortek kits should you so desire, we will share and publish more about that in due course.


If you have any other questions please feel free to email Precision Ballistics and we will do our utmost to help.


All the Best.



Precision Ballistics