Gun Compatibility Guide


PCP Manufacturers



We have found that clients predominantly get very good results when using Mako's in the pcp rifles from these brands when following our guidelines.
Please note the exceptions

Air Arms / BSA / Brocock / Daystate / Edgun / Theoben / Uragan / Weihrauch

We do recommend reading the section How to get the best from your Mako's so that you can optimise their performance in your gun(s).


We have had 2 results of the very newest AA 510 Ultimate Sporter R's not liking the 0.177 makos, we believe this is due to the fact that AA has possibly changed the barrel and it prefers a larger diameter item.


Manufacturers found in this group give a mixed range of results due to the diversity of options both in equipment and tuning. The results of using Mako's in these guns vary from  very good to unacceptable.


• Some large capacity fx mags can be problematic being very spacious causing tumbling (Eaglevision and Single shot loaders have been recommended as good alternatives)
• Barrel Harmonics can be a major influence depending on the guns tune


We have yet to achieve what we deem acceptable results with the Mako's in rifles from these manufacturers


We have found that the Steyr barrels have a spacious breech that the Mako's can enter very deeply, we believe this is not facilitating an optimal launch which in turn detracts from down range accuracy.

Spring / Co2 Air Guns - Whilst slugs are commonly held to be best suited to the power delivery of PCP's we have had clients utilise them in Air Rifles using Spring or CO2 power plants, so if you are feeling adventurous feel free to experiment !!

• Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of the above
• If your rifle manufacturer is not shown in the above list then we have not received sufficient feedback to provide any solid recommendations, please feel free to contact us to discuss your gun(s).