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Our Products

Having watched with interest the development of slugs over recent years within those countries that have the ability to run at higher power levels than legislation permits here (without going the FAC route) and the subsequent introduction of slugs by the mainstream manufacturers. It piqued my interest as to what opportunities could present themselves to the UK airgun community with a product that was designed for and intended to suit our current environment and legislative commitments.

Examining some of the science and practicalities behind a suitably weighted and sized UK slug, the benefits that could possibly be gained from its larger cousins could present some interesting opportunities. With those larger cousins offering superior ballistic coefficients that lead to faster flatter trajectories and greater terminal impact, improved stability in wind than standard pellets, well if some of those characteristics could be transferred.......

What We Do

Starting with appropriately sized lead cores, these are lubricated and individually swaged to the required shape and weight. While this outline makes the process sound very simple indeed, it belies the need for the high precision, consistency and the ongoing monitoring that allows us to create the quality individually hand swaged slugs that are as constant and uniform as possible. This process gives rise to our Mako Series of slugs that offers similar characteristics to their predatory oceanic namesake.

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The Mako Series consists of what will be our lightest and fastest slugs that have comparable weight to their pellet based counterparts. However the advantages that our independent testers reported was that while having a similar weight to pellets, the Precision Ballistics Mako slugs landed with both a louder audible impact inferring greater terminal velocity & power but also resulted in superior expansion characteristics contrasted to standard pellets.

Bespoke Services

Realising  that some shooters have very specific needs or requirements, we will in due course also offer a bespoke service where we can either tailor existing offerings to your specific requirements or produce something else for you.