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Precision Ballistics a new addition to the UK airgun community, are pleased to officially present the new Mako series of airgun slugs.


Launched by Precision Ballistics in April 2021, the 0.177 'Mako' (10.5gr), was the FIRST commercially available slug specifically designed for the UK sub12 ft/lb market.

At the time of launch, the 'Mako' was not only the lightest slug available globally but also the first to offer pellet weight compatibility, as well as superior terminal ballistics / expansion, when contrasted to a standard airgun pellet at lower energy.



31st December '21

Airgun Supremacy gets a New Years Eve squirrel across the pond, Watch it here, and why not subscribe while your there, as there is some more Mako action coming I have been told.

27th December '21

NPC on the squirrels and protecting the local song bird population, watch it here.

14th December '21

PPPC humanely dispatching the rats on the diary farm, am still enjoying the enhanced sound quality and impact noises, watch it here.

29th November '21

Airgun Supremacy review the Mako's in the good ole US of A, Watch it here, and why don't you subscribe and give a like while you are there.

We also found a couple of video's hidden away in the depths of YouTube on The Lead Injections channel see them on our YouTube video's page here.

24th November '21

PPPC & the sheriff have released another video using the Mako's in his mk1 Impact, watch it here.

14th November '21

Another cracking PPPC video, fantastically enhanced with their new audio recorder which really allows you to hear the Mako's hit home watch it here.

9th November '21

Martin of NPC is following the white rabbit , he wouldn't say whether he took the red or blue pill though, see his latest outing here.

6th November '21

PPPC don't seem to be running out of rats anytime soon despite having a new fishy predator in the shape of the Mako's, see their latest video here.

14th October '21

NPC are back in action, out on the rabbits see his latest video here.

30th September '21

Pontypool Pest Control are introducing the Mako's to the rats on the Pig farm here. They seem to be suffering the same sort of allergic reaction as all of the other rats.

25th September '21

With the aid of a new thermal spotter Pontypool Pest Control start heating things up for the local rats using the Mako's here.

16th September '21

Pontypool Pest Control continue handing out eviction notices using the Mako's on their YouTube channel here.

10th September '21

Pontypool Pest Control has started feeding their local rat population a diet of Mako's see their latest upload on their YouTube channel here.

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