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Precision Ballistics a new addition to the UK airgun community are pleased to officially present the new Mako series of airgun slugs.


With the introduction of a slug specifically designed for the UK sub12 ft/lb market,  the 0.177 calibre Mako 10.5gr is not only the first slug that is of a pellet comparable weight but also offers both superior expansion and terminal impact characteristics when contrasted to a standard airgun pellet.


24th July '21

Added the new Precision Ballistics Reticule / Scope Assist Cards into our accessory section, it goes without saying that for every packet of Mako's you order you will receive one of these FoC and as for our loyal repeat clients, if you want some, just let us know on your next order.

12th July '21

Added Clients Corner to the website - This will consist of pictures, video's and YouTube reviews all supplied by our clients. Find it here.

30th June '21

Airgun Sniper-Elite revisits the Mako's @ 30/50 yards through 3 of his other guns here.

22/23rd June '21

Airgun Sniper-Elite unboxes his new Mako's here, then reviews and demonstrates the Mako's abilities on his YouTube channel, drop by and see for yourself.

6th June  '21

We have introduced a new section to the website, how to maximise your results using your Precision Ballistic Mako Slugs, available here. (This will be updated ongoing).

2nd June  '21

Read the excellent Gary Wain article about the Mako's in the July '21 issue of AirGunWorld (pages 62-64) available today.

28th May  '21

See the Mako at work, Martin of Notts Pest Control using the Mako's to deadly effect on Rabbits and Corvids on his YouTube channel. Visit his channel and see him in action, and why not subscribe while you are there!!

Precision Ballistics are now shipping internationally, please use the request form so that we can give you personal attention.

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