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Precision Ballistics a new addition to the UK airgun community, are pleased to officially present the new Mako series of airgun slugs.


Launched by Precision Ballistics in April 2021, the 0.177 'Mako' (10.5gr), was the FIRST commercially available slug specifically designed for the UK sub12 ft/lb market.

At the time of launch, the 'Mako' was not only the lightest slug available globally but also the first to offer pellet weight compatibility, as well as superior terminal ballistics / expansion, when contrasted to a standard airgun pellet.

The Orcas are coming....

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The Mako's will soon be getting a Brother!!
Watch this space...

Vortek  - The shop is now OPEN and stocked!!

We also have acquired a limited supply of JSB pellets (0.177 express @£16e / 4.52, 4.53 & Heavies @ £15.50e & .22 RS @£16.50e + p&p) as per our fb post, please email if you are interested.




After some requests we have added gift cards to the site and are now fully stocked with Vortek (with the exception of HW35 kits which will be ordered when available).

15th February '22

Precision Ballistics announce their reintroduction and supply of Vortek Products to the UK, see the announcement here.

31st December '21

Airgun Supremacy gets a New Years Eve squirrel across the pond, Watch it here, and why not subscribe while your there, as there is some more Mako action coming I have been told.

27th December '21

NPC on the squirrels and protecting the local song bird population, watch it here.

14th December '21

PPPC humanely dispatching the rats on the diary farm, am still enjoying the enhanced sound quality and impact noises, watch it here.

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